About Us

Dymond Records is The R&B Label of S-Publishing.
The label releases all kind of R&B music, sush as:

– RnB
– Hip-Hop
– Rap
– Blues
– Rhythm & Blues
– Jazz
– Etc.
Old Style & Modern !

…For other styles of music we have several other labels, like:

– S-Records for All-Round (All Styles)
– D-Core Records for Dance till HardCORE
– Lux Records also for All-Round (All Styles, but music made by us)
– Limbo-Power for all Limburg, Dutch and German music

All Artists are welcome, startly Artists, more experienced Artists, experienced Artists and Artists who wants to make a Come-Back !

Dymond Records is a Dutch Record Label (all 5 labels),
but works worldwide from Belgium, with a studio in Germany !

Contracts entered into by us worldwide and lifelong learning.
(that does not mean that you can not do more productions elsewhere)
We will give 35 % Royalties !
Releases will be digital standard and are offered at almost all major portals, such as I-Tunes, Spotify, Legal Downloadsites and more like that.
If desired, a fee be released on CD/DVD.

Sens Us YOUR Demo or Song to info@dymondrecords.com
or Contact us if you want more information.

Bookings of our Artists, Contact S-Bookings: www.sbookings.nl or E-Mail

Together we will work at your Success !!